Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Thomas the Train Toys

The shake and go Thomas provides unlimited enjoyment for children, and is recommended for children who are three years and over. Children can now act out their favourite race scenes from the movie by conducting their own mini tournament.

This toy is made of high quality materials to ensure every child's safety. The size also makes it an ideal toy for small children as they can easily grip and shake Thomas the train toy.

Not only is this a fun Thomas the train toy, but your child will also gets lots of exercise, shaking the car and running after it, using some of his surplus energy. Your child can be creative and build his own race track for his Thomas train to run along.

If you're looking for something special for a Christmas gift or a birthday gift, then give the gift of a Shake and go Thomas inspired toy car. It's an engaging toy that will definitely catch your child's attention. The more you shake these Thomas the Train toys, the further they will go!

With Thomas, children learn how to become loyal to their friends and persevere in everything they do.

What do the Thomas characters teach our children?

Children learn good attitudes and morals when watching the Thomas the Tank engine series. Children relate to Thomas and his friends, they observe how the characters get into trouble and the consequences they face. They learn about emotions and how to express them in appropriate ways, they learn to look after themselves and to respect others and they learn that it is important to follow instructions.

Here are some character traits that stand out...

Thomas is friendly, fussy and cheeky, and often gets into trouble trying to do more than he is capable of.

Henry has a good attitude and gets on well with others and is respectful. He loves nature.

Percy is a happy engine, enjoys his work and is often a bit cheeky.

Diesel is learning to be more agreeable with the other engines.

Spencer must learn to listen to advise and follow instructions.

James has a healthy self esteem and is reliable and a hard worker.

Harold loves to come to the rescue of his fellow engines and is a good friend to Percy.

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches and they work together well.

Edward is old and wise.

Gordon makes mistakes and always learns from the consequences.

James thinks he is a really splendid engine and better than he really is... which always gets him into trouble.

Children love Thomas the Tank Engine, and here are some of the best Thomas and Friends toys for your child.